Betting Sites That Accept Revolut » List of Revolut Bookmakers (2022) ⭐️

Betting Sites That Accept Revolut » List of Revolut Bookmakers (2022) ⭐️

Top Sports Betting Sites That Accept Revolut

What betting sites take Revolut? What bookmakers accept Revolut? You’ll find that most online sportsbooks tend to accept today’s standard payment options. That includes credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and other instant transfer options.

The goal is to get new profiles ready for their first bets as quickly as possible. Then, when you find a site that accepts Revolut for gambling, you have the convenience of quick transfers while maintaining control over other financial needs. Some sports betting sites that accept Revolut are better than others, so here is a closer look at what to expect from the best options available today.



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Mr Sloty Review – Is It a Legit UK Casino?


Mr Sloty
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Online Gambling with Revolut

Over the past few years, sports betting has emerged from the shadows to become a mainstream wagering option that the general public embraces. It has become so popular in some areas that television broadcasts display the odds for several different bets while reporting what to expect during the game or event.

Sports betting has been widespread globally, but it is just starting to take off in the United States. Since there can be a patchwork of different rules to follow, it’s helpful to have a payment app that handles these transactions quickly and efficiently.

For players in the UK, Europe, Australia, and other locations, the same conveniences that a payment app offers to ensure you can play your best bets, including in-play opportunities.

Although numerous financial apps offer payment transfer services, Revolut is the option for anyone who wants to explore the entertainment value of placing sports bets on today’s best betting websites. 

What Is Revolut?

Revolut provides users with one app that handles all things related to money. It manages your everyday spending needs, sets up savings instruments, and allows users to get more out of their finances each day. 

Over 18 million people currently use Revolut to manage their money better. That includes about 500,000 businesses. In addition, you can access financial products with support in over 35 countries and 30 in-app currencies. 

Revolut launched in the UK in 2015 to offer essential money exchange and transfer services. Today, with the dozens of innovative products under the app’s umbrella, this financial platform handles over 150 million transactions per month.

It’s more than an alternative to PayPal, Venmo, and other instant cash transfer apps you can find today. When you use Revolut for your everyday needs, it can help you handle your sports betting more efficiently.

The best way to combine your wagers and Revolut convenience is to work with one of the top sports betting sites that accept it. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Revolut Betting Sites?

Revolut got started to be a challenger bank. Since its founding, it has held this status even though it has expanded into numerous global markets after getting started in the UK.

When users open an account with Revolut, they have access to their funds through the company’s mobile app. There is also a free debit card to use. In addition, Revolut even makes it easy to buy, hold, or exchange cryptocurrencies. For example, users can access the top exchange rates each day for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Every fee for buying and selling is published to ensure there aren’t any hidden costs. You don’t need to wait several days for approval either. Since an account can be opened in under a minute, you can take more control over your finances before a bowl of soup gets warmed in the microwave.

That means your transfers to today’s top sports betting sites that accept Revolut is a quick and painless process that helps you get those wagers in right away. Here are some of the most trusted bookmakers that accept Revolut. We’ve added the user experience criteria, such as how much you can deposit, as factors for ranking results.


With low minimum deposit requirements and various promotions and bonuses, you’ll have a great time using this sportsbook. In addition, a diversity of wagering options is available after creating your profile, including options like darts and cricket.

All the available sports are on the left side of the screen to make browsing and navigation convenient. In addition, highlights of the potential winners are available for some matches. The preferred options for bets are all available, including net goal, handicap, totals, and double chance. In addition, live betting is unrestricted for several sports, with real-time statistics to offer more insights.

MyStake falls under the umbrella of Onyxian B.V. Ltd, which operates under a Curacao gaming license. In addition to being one of the best Revolut bookmakers available today for wagering, you can use credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other payment options when you’re ready to place a bet.

Rolletto – One of the Best Betting Sites that Accept Revolut

This sportsbook is one of the most promising new additions to the lineup of Revolut bookmakers you can find online. You’ll have access to several helpful features after signing up for an account, including options to save or edit your wagers.

You have access to all the top leagues for your preferred sports with industry-leading odds across several options. Over 30,000 monthly events are available in the pre-match section. If you prefer football wagers, over 350 exotic bets are available to create extra excitement. Members can even place-unique wagers on specific statistics, fouls, and more. 

Rolletto offers an excellent mobile experience, but it doesn’t have a native app for placing bets. Instead, you can access customer service options through live chat 24/7 or request help by email. Total cash payouts are available under specific circumstances. Live bet acceptance currently stands at three seconds.

Outside of Revolut, several other deposit options are available, including ACH transfers, credit cards, and Skrill.


When looking for one of the best sites for placing sports bets, the deposit and payout info is often the priority when reviewing the personal experience to expect. Members who choose BetOnline can take advantage of Revolut prepaid Mastercard gambling and more. 

This platform is one of the few that still accepts money orders and cashier’s checks, although the minimum deposit for those options is $300 and $1,500. The only other supported currencies outside the US Dollar accepted are BTC, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple.

The lowest minimum deposit is $10, although it’s not available for every funding option. For example, BetOnline states explicitly that its preferred payment option is crypto. That’s why Revolut is such a great option when placing wagers here.

It takes some time to receive payouts from this platform. If you use cryptocurrencies, your funding comes within 48 hours and a maximum payout of $10,000. It can take up to 15 business days to receive a bank wire, but the max allowed is $24,900. 

Here, the sportsbook opens game odds quickly, creating different game and player props to consider. You can make straight bets, teasers, parlays, money line options, and notable futures. Although the interface feels a little outdated, you have access to mobile wagers when using BetOnline. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a live stream.


Revolut gambling sites that deliver live betting opportunities unlock the full potential of sports wagering. When you choose this platform as your primary bookie, you’ll receive access to complete service. In addition, the registration process is fast and easy, and the payout process is above-average in its speed.

You’ll find numerous payment options and cryptocurrency acceptance available at BetFlip. That means you can take advantage of the Revolut crypto buying options right away while accessing options like Cardano, Dogecoin, and Tether.

The sportsbook doesn’t have the most straightforward user experience to navigate. You’ll find a few sports available, but complete coverage of today’s top leagues is not available. Instead, a complete offer is highlighted, along with the various bets you want to pursue.

There isn’t a mobile app available for your sports betting, and the mobile site can have some challenges. For example, the more popular sports provide multiple events and leagues for betting, and you can select options like volleyball or handball that aren’t always available on other platforms. As a result, the odds tend to be average compared to other bookmakers.

If you want a direct wagering experience, BetFlip knows how to deliver what you want while offering potential bonuses for first-time deposits.

Mr. Sloty

Although Mr. Sloty only supports about 5,000 events per month, the pre-match payout is 93% across more than 30 sports. Most sites don’t get close to those figures, and it gets even higher when you get involved with basketball events.

Over 70 football markets are available, including 1×2 and Next Corner. Members can cash out wagers in full until late in a sporting event, although bet acceptance is slow. If you want to place live bets, it can take six seconds. Customer support is available 24/7 by email or live chat. In addition, Mr. Sloty is one of the few sites that offers phone support. 

Your deposits are free on Mr. Sloty, but it can take up to five days to complete a withdrawal. The site accepts multiple currencies, making it practical to use Revolut for your wagers. Minimum deposits and withdrawals apply, with Bitcoin requiring a significant amount to process. Mr Sloty is one of the best non GamStop casinos.


If you were placing bets on this site in 2012 or before, there’s an excellent chance that you had a poor experience. BetOnline took over, made good on the old debts, and transformed this platform into one of the top sites that accept Revolut.

It’s one of the few online spaces where you can find a complete overview of North American sports for worldwide wagering. That includes NCAA Division 1 sports, such as football and basketball. If your preferred league or team isn’t open, it could be due to a lack of competition.

Members have multiple betting options outside North America, including rugby, snooker, and Aussie Rules Football betting. In addition, live bets are available at the top left of the sportsbook page. Just choose your wager, select the side to back, and submit to post the bet. The sportsbook is great for arbitrage betting.

When you look at the sports available for betting on this platform, you’ll find them broken into “main” and “other” categories. Both options have an extensive list of teams and leagues for you to review. You’ll find that SportsBetting offers a straightforward option to get more involved with your preferred sports, especially when you have a Revolut account.

BetNow – One of The US Betting Sites that Accept Revolut

This sportsbook focuses primarily on the North American market. That means the emphasis on wagers tends to be on the NBA, NFL, and MLB. You’ll find a user-friendly website with excellent customer service and attractive bonuses.

BetNow started in 2015 and is one of the few that accepts American players who prefer Revolut. You’ll find low rollover requirements for the bonus cash, making it an excellent value for anyone who bets infrequently or logs into their account daily. 

The site functions reasonably well on tablets and mobile devices, but it’s a better experience on a desktop. Everything is relatively accessible for finding the right bets, including some in-play wagering options. In addition, it’s a clean, distraction-free interface that isn’t always trying to sell you something with its advertisement placements. 

Another perk of joining BetNow is its referral program. So if you’re having fun placing bets with Revolut, telling your friends and family about the experience allows you to earn bonuses. 

The odds are above-average for most sports, with the dime lines on NHL and MLB arguably some of the best in the industry. It’s also one of the few platforms where you can place bets on MLS matches. 

With money line bets and point spreads, you can keep things simple or spice things up with props and parlays. Everything you need is waiting for you right here.

History of Sports Betting

Although sports play a significant role in many people’s everyday lives, it wasn’t always that way in the past. No one can say for sure when betting on athletic activities first started, but we do know that Romans used to wager on chariot races. So it’s entirely possible that native cultures had similar experiences with their games.

The one pattern that exists throughout time involves the legality of sports betting. Some athletes and teams attempt to manipulate the odds to create a monetary windfall for themselves.

Numerous athletes, referees, and coaches have been caught betting on their sports over the years to change the odds in ways that benefit themselves. Here is a closer look at some of the more important stories that turned into the involved individuals having legal consequences for their actions.

How to Make Sports Bets at Revolut Betting Sites

Sports betting can be lots of fun, but it does come with some risk. If you’ve never tried this wager type before, here are some tips to help you enjoy Revolut online gambling while watching your preferred games and leagues.

Who Is the Underdog?

When the oddsmakers release a betting line for a game, the first thing they decide is the team or athlete that should win. After that, the loser is considered the underdog.

You’ll see a minus sign next to the odds for the expected winner, while the underdog receives a plus sign. This is because some games or matches are considered toss-ups because a clear winner cannot be chosen. In this situation, the UK betting sites that accept Revolut would open betting as a “pick ’em” or a “pick.”

What Is the Spread?

UK bookmakers that accept Revolut, including online websites, provide two ways to bet on your preferred team or athlete. Whether they’re expected to win or lose, you can choose the point spread first, reflecting the predicted victory margin.

If one team is expected to win by ten points, you’d see a -10 next to the predicted winner when placing a bet. That means the team would need to win by 11 points or more to win the bet. If the team wins by ten, the bet is considered a push. This is because you’d get your money back in that situation.

When the expected team wins by nine points, you lose the bet if you picked the point spread. If you bet on the expected losing team, they can win the game or lose it by nine points to give you a winning bet. This bet type is called “plus the points,” but it follows the same rules.

What Is the Money Line?

The money line uses American odds to calculate payouts when placing sports bets. However, you won’t always find this option available when wagering on UK betting sites that take Revolut. 

Teams or athletes expected to win are still given the minus designation. So if you see a line that says -200, you must risk that amount to win $100. If you lose that bet, you owe the bookkeeper $200. Since teams and athletes that should win are expected to provide that outcome, you must risk more to get a win.

You’ll see a plus designation next to the money line amount when an underdog is your betting preference. For example, if you bet $100 that they’ll win, you get $200 if that happens. Should they lose, you’re out the bet amount. Money line bets are more available for low-scoring sports like football, hockey, and baseball. 

Overview of the Over-Under

Oddsmakers set a total number of points they expect both teams or athletes to score in a game. This figure is called the over-under, but it is sometimes referred to as the “total.” When you’re placing wagers on Revolut online betting sites, you can select whether or not the game will go over or under that total. 

If you wager the over-under on a basketball game, you might receive a figure of 210. Bettors that take the over would be wagering that both teams would score 211 points together, while those on the under would bet that the combined points would be 209 or less. You win the bet if you’re correct and lose it if you’re wrong. Since this wager is relatively straightforward, it’s an excellent option to consider if you’re new to sports betting.

The (-110) Number

Some sports betting websites and bookmakers place a tax on each bet. It’s often called the “vig,” which is short for “vigorish.”  You might also see it called the “juice.” It’s a commission you pay to the sportsbook for them to accept your wager. It’s typically listed in American odds. For example, the (-110) figure represents a 10% commission. So you’d need to risk $220 to win $200 on a bet.

Some commissions are higher. You might see (-115), (-120), or even more with some bookkeepers. It’s up to you to determine if the value in the commission is worth placing the bet on.

Placing a Bet at Revolut Betting Sites

You have numerous options to consider when you’re ready to try Revolut gambling on today’s best betting sites. The primary issue is to see if sports bets are legal where you live.

It is possible that sports betting could be legal, but you’d need to visit an in-person casino to place your wager. There are still jurisdictions that won’t allow online bets in this area. If the casino accepts it as a payment option, you can still use Revolut to place bets in those circumstances.

How to Find Betting Sites That Accept Revolut?

The best websites and bookies that accept Revolut are a great place to start when reviewing the sites for sports betting. The list of top websites that accept wagers in this guide can help you add an extra element of fun to your preferred games, teams, and athletes. 

You create an account or profile on a website that accepts sports bets before wagers are accepted. You’ll need to provide your personal information, including your name, address, email, and other details to verify your identity.

When you log in after setting up your profile, most sites will take you straight to the cashier. That’s where you can enter the account details to start Revolut sports betting. It’s sad that bet365 restricted players from Revolut transactions.

Every website has different rules and policies to follow. Please remember to do your due diligence and read all agreements first to ensure that you’re comfortable placing a bet with that site or bookie.

How Much Should I Bet?

You have the final say in how much to risk when placing bets on different games and matches. However, the general rule is to risk only what you can afford to lose. Many people treat sports betting like a spring, but it is more like a marathon. You’ll find those bad days and some good ones come along. The goal is to be more consistent with better wagers.

Beginners use a common strategy when trying sports betting is, the “flat approach.” You’d bet the same amount on every wager, risking a specific percentage of the bankroll or the starting money.

Using this technique with a 5% limit, you will bet $10 on each game with a $200 bankroll. When you bet flat, you’re guarding against losing the bankroll during a lousy stretch of results while setting the stage to earn a positive return on their investment. 

Can I Shop for Better Lines?

Revolut betting sites set their odds. You can review the list of fantastic websites in this guide to find the best rate for the action you want. The only downside to shopping around is that you’ll need profiles on each platform.

Most sports betting sites don’t require a deposit when creating an account. However, you will be putting your information out to the Internet more often with multiple profiles, which means you’re accepting more risk of a data breach. Although getting a half-point improvement might not seem like a big deal, shopping around more can increase your chances of winning and deliver a better return for your investments in this area.

Track Your Progress

It helps to track your progress with sports betting to see where your strengths and weaknesses are with these wagers. Revolut makes this work easy with its numerous in-app features. 

What Betting Sites That Accept Revolut, Should I Use?

Whether you choose to wager with a bookkeeper you know or use one of the options in the Revolut betting sites list, it’s up to you to decide where to set up a profile. Everyone has different preferences to consider. However, when you find a sportsbook site that meets most of your requirements, you’ve likely discovered a place to call home.

Since each site has specific pros and cons to consider, it’s essential to carefully review all the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything. Then, if you feel comfortable, you can connect your Revolut account to the cashier to begin your wagering journey.

The advantage of choosing one of the best betting sites that accept Revolut from this list is that you have proven, trustworthy processes to follow with excellent odds and consistent payouts. Whether you’re just starting or a pro, you can’t win anything until that bet gets placed! So sign up on your preferred site today to get that process started. 

Author: Bobby Miller