All UK Betting Sites » List of New UK Bookmakers (2022) ⭐️

All UK Betting Sites » List of New UK Bookmakers (2022) ⭐️

List of All New Betting Sites in the UK

This list is an ultimate guide of some of the top UK betting sites. While we’ve dived a little deep into each of these sites, there’s more to be found with actual services themselves.

The United Kingdom has a huge betting market, thanks to just how to open regulations and the law around betting are in Europe. While there’s much more freedom than in other large countries around the world, the UK is still home to enough regulation to ensure that you’re protected when you’re betting online.

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That’s helped push the billions worth of bets and revenue across the bet sites in the UK, building up some massive stalwarts of the online betting industry, bolstered by growing user numbers, bet sizes, and greater access to thriving communities.

However, that also means that the number of sites and bookmakers available has exploded. There are hundreds, if not thousands of unique companies and services public across the United Kingdom. All of them are looking to grab a piece of the growing betting market in Europe.

The Most Influential New UK Betting Sites

And so, we’re here to help sort out the bunch. This article will cover a total of seven of the biggest and most influential UK betting sites. Those new UK bookmakers are currently available in the country, helping to push out billions of pounds in earnings. We’ll cover our UK’s top betting sites alongside the leading new UK bookmakers.

While this isn’t going to cover many specifics, like the deposits and withdrawal limits, the payment methods, the bonuses, or specific games available on each site and its platforms, it will involve a general overview of the user interface, the services available, and more about the best UK online betting sites themselves.

After all, this page isn’t a million words long, so you know it’s not going to have everything about every aspect of each site. If you’re interested in more detail, click through any of our specific UK bet sites reviews if they’re up for the area at the time of reading. This site is still building new reviews for new betting sites UK (and is not an entire list of UK bookmakers online), so be patient with us, as we can’t review all newly licensed UK bookmakers.

Anyway, let’s look at the best UK sportsbooks.


Our first of the top UK bet sites, 888Sport, is also one of the best UK horse racing betting sites. With 31 sports to bet on, 888Sport has a massive selection of betting alongside its still quite impressive casino and poker options. While sports betting tops the company’s list, hence the “sports” part of the name, there’s a good variety and quite a bit of a selection to go from.

There’s a massive list of casino games to go along with the 31 sports, although sports headline 888’s offerings. Just off the front page, you can gain access to:

Live betting,Horse racing, Football, Greyhound racing,NFL,Darts,Snooker,Basketball,Tennis,Cricket,and Golf.

That’s quite a selection (and one of the reasons 888Sport is one of the best betting sites in the UK), just for the first few sports listed. Additionally, you can view the featured live games, complete with the betting odds, the markets available, and the sports they belong to. That’s next to popular events and then a list of future betting events for each sport. 

Promotions and other Features

There’s often a lot going on when it comes to 888Sport’s website. It’s very well managed, and there’s an excellent layout to help keep everything organized and suited for anyone to handle. Plus, there are promotions to boot, which total roughly two dozen across sports and the casino.

Speaking of the casino, there’s 888Sport’s other big option. Hundreds of casino games spread across a nice layout, complete with the bets, rewards, timing, and more. Just off the bat, I can see that there’s currently a jackpot going for nearly a million pounds. And there is the option to quickly maneuver to the live casino, slots, new games, jackpots, or casino games.

888Sport’s natural strengths lie in its dedication to its sportsbook. That gives great variety and options to a vast selection of sports in a considerable portion of the globe. Ironically, however, the company was initially home to its casino, which launched back in 1998, compared to the 2008 launch of 888Sport.

And, fortunately, it’s also a heavily British company. With parent organization 888 Holdings headquartered in Gibraltar, operating primarily across Europe and some affiliated territories. That also means 888Sport isn’t available in heavy markets like the United States or Canada. The company’s offerings sculpt incredibly around the current regulations and offerings in the UK and the general European area.

bet365 – One of The Most Famous UK Betting Sites

Bet365 is a big deal, with the company pulling in 3 billion GBP in 2019. Headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, bet365 screams being one of the top betting sites in the UK, complete with the company’s great focus on specific services in the area. 

As one of the leading betting platforms globally, bet365 has been around since 2000, racking up some heavy usage from its 63+ million users all around the globe. Thanks to some talent and over 44 unique sports options, bet365 is a considerable betting site everywhere, in addition to being a top betting site in the UK.

Of course, nothing hits harder than bet365 in its home, complete with additional In-Play services (live sports betting), a casino, and a massive selection of bonuses to keep you on board with the company’s services. The verification is quite easy. Plus, bet365 is available across PC and mobile, holding one of the best UIs and general designs out there, even with stalwarts usually falling a bit behind. 

Although the company was founded in 2000, it’s still going strong. It’s introducing features and the like that much of the younger competition hasn’t gotten around to yet. Bet365 doesn’t like to rest on its laurels. And it shows through the hundreds of games, dozens of sports, thousands of bets, and hundreds worth of bonuses pumped out by the company each week.

Everything You Need from UK Bookmakers

Even the bet365 website is old yet sleek, carrying just a few sports with their games and bets. Just the spread, names of the teams, time left, points on both sides, total, and money line list on the screen, yet it’s everything you need. With a simple layout, it’s a glance to bet365’s likely motto of keeping things simple but more than usable and ready to go.

Fortunately, that’s not a bad thing, which is why bet365 was reviewed well by us earlier. Moreover, other reviewers seem to keep the same thoughts as the company continues to grow and its opportunities for the United Kingdom community to hop on expand.

So, with a good combination of many sportsbooks, a sleek layout, live sports betting software, and a casino, bet365 marks the top of many people’s UK betting sites, with the company moving higher every year. As the billions roll in, bet365 quickly renovates and grows, attracting more customers and more money in an endless circle of expansion.


Founded in 1997, Unibet is a big bet in online betting. It’s registered with GamStop. With over 1,400 employees under its name and the 11-brand-wide Kindred Group parent organization, Unibet is a big site that some people haven’t yet heard about.

That’s surprising considering its sports, racing, casino, live casino, bingo, and poker offerings just off its homepage. There is a total of 36 marks for betting, split into Unibet’s home sports, in-play (live) betting, upcoming, and streaming.

On top of having your standard sports betting layout, Unibet also comes complete with a few things. Things like statistics and a live score; a new virtual sports mode, which replicates what an assumed sports match would be like sponsors. And their betting guide, which is worse than ours, here at

Anyway, that’s only the sports. If we move to race, there’s even more. Unibet allows prescheduled, live, and virtual betting on horses, greyhounds, and chariots. Like sports betting on the site, there’s an option to simulate games and bet on them there. It allows a kind of play on past, present, and future racing. It’s weird.

However, it’s not as weird as the company’s casino, home to quite a lot:

Jackpots,Exclusives,Holiday,Unibet Picks,Megaways,Providers,Slingo,Vegas Slots,Slots,Live casino,Table Games,And more.

Casino and Games

In all, there are nearly 2,000 games. Two thousand. That’s a lot, considering that many of Unibet’s competitors face just a few hundred games at max. But, like, seriously, 10 percent of what Unibet has come to offer. 10 percent. It’s weird, although not surprising, for a company with nearly as many employees and a massive parent organization.

In terms of bingo, Unibet’s next primary offering, bingo games, minigames, bingo tournaments, a bingo wheel, jackpots, and bingo guides. The last one isn’t necessarily playable, although all the others are.

You can watch some of the most popular games currently in progress from the bingo page, complete with people’s time left in the game, ticket price, the number of people playing, jackpot size, rewards, winners, and winners and more. There’s a lot of information in a small amount of space, yet it’s not necessarily overwhelming. That’s good.

However, poker is confusing. To even access the company’s poker games, you must download the Unibet Poker client or go out of your way to use the instant-play poker. Frankly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go with the instant-play poker, in your browser, on default, although Unibet likely has a reason for it. Potentially it’s the company’s iOS or Android apps — I don’t know.

Nonetheless, it’s extra, surprisingly unlike the rest of Unibet. Overall, there’s a decent selection and variety across the company’s offerings, supported by a massive selection of games and sports built up in Unibet’s multi-decade growth period and ownership by Kindred Games.


While some of the other sites on this list might be considered “old,” they’re nothing compared to BetVictor. This bookmaker has had its roots in Gibraltar since 1946, after its founding by William Chandler. BetVictor, one of the best bookmakers in the UK, even gets its name from former chairman Victor Chandler, i.e., the “Victor” part of BetVictor.

And so, while BetVictor is quite an old site, it’s not bad by any means. BetVictor was primarily one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK. It offers sports, casinos, live casinos, and virtual services, which are all good. Like its competitors, you can view current odds and the lines for games, alongside the scores, time, and teams playing from the homepage.

A beautiful blue and white theme are going across the entire BetVictor website. It happens to be very helpful in making the whole site conducive. Additionally, at least one of everything offered is available from the homepage, making all four of the company’s significant services easy to find from the get-go. While that’s likely from BetVictor’s past as one of the top UK online bookmakers, who knows?

Either way, let’s start with sports. BetVictor’s sports page holds in-play games, alongside pre-bet horse races, football, tennis, darts, bet builder, basketball, dogs, lottery, and virtual games. Like other sites, virtual games have made it to BetVictor, with online games taking root before games like basketball or darts.

Each sport has its specialized page, complete with specific statistics relative to that sport, customized with excellent graphics and good selections.

Daily Jackpots at BetVictor

That would include the casino, which has 14 unique games you can play. So whether it’s BetVictor exclusives, new games, daily jackpots of around 9,000 pounds, drops, spins, or more, there’s a lot. While there’s not an exact number, it’s in the hundreds, with most offerings giving a decent-sized prize alongside it. 

Live casinos have a similar loadout, although dozens of live games are complete with hosts. So again, there’s an outstanding selection like the BetVictor casino, although obviously with fewer games. However, that doesn’t force the massive selection to look less impressive.

As for the last major BetVictor classic, we have virtuals. Currently, the company is running two horse racing games, two football games, a dog racing game, and two basketball virtuals, each holding some not-too-shabby graphics to go along with them. They’re nothing outstanding, although they aren’t bad whatsoever.

In all, BetVictor is an excellent platform for consistently performing options. The company has been in business for decades, and it seems as though that’s not changing any time soon. The combination of a great layout, quality games, and more make BetVictor a top UK betting site and a top UK bookmaker.


Part of the Super Group betting organization, Betway is a powerful betting platform operating across the globe. Since its founding in 2006, Betway has found itself winding to countries worldwide, picking up a substantial (and happy) customer base.

As a quick side note, the company’s iOS app holds a whopping 4.7 stars with tens of thousands of reviews. That’s a feat that not many other betting companies have managed. After all, betting apps aren’t generally too great. And people are more likely to complain in reviews than appreciate — apparently something that doesn’t apply to Betway.

That’s likely tied into Betway’s approach to their platform. Compared to the rest of the sites on this list, Betway takes a much more minimalistic view, leaving nothing but six slides and five tabs. There are no games, no odds, no nothing crowded; just a few join now slides and the chance to visit specific pages.

And while that doesn’t seem too serious, it’s a huge deal. Betway plays things much riskier than its competitors, tying the quick money-making bets behind a click or two. That’s a massive quality over quantity push, and I love it.

Once you have opened either sports, casino, live & accurate, esports, or Vegas, then you’ll be greeted to a similar layout, close to Betway’s competitors. Starting with sports, things are pretty much the same. You have in-play, promotions, and a total of roughly 30 sports, like the company’s competitors.

A few games across a few sports are left upfront, although there is much more compactness in the same space, tying more into the page. It’s a stark contrast to Betway’s homepage, and it’s one of the UK’s best online betting sites. At least among the people using the company’s apps.

Betway Casino

Moving into the casino, there’s a bit of a surprise. Betway Casino offers over 400 games, both standard and licensed. So yeah. The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider, Game of Thrones games, and more. That’s insane, considering that these rights usually cost companies millions, and Betway just casually throws them out there. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly astonishing and a sign of quality to boot.

Within live & accurate, there’s a combination of card and dice games, split into tiles with information boxes like the casino. Again, it’s very well laid out. And there’s a huge variety to go along with a nice layout and great design. It’s just yet another excellent example of Betway’s quality services.

And, oddly enough, there are whole other options for eSports, letting you bet on the games planned. Frankly, it’s kind of weird, considering that it takes you to the eSports page. As in the same one from the standard sports page. There’s the same layout, same odds, same everything, just in a whole category by itself. Strange.

Nonetheless, it’s right before Vegas, home to Betway’s slots, must-win jackpots, penny games, ways games, instant wins, standard jackpots, table games, and more. It’s the same sleek tile layout as the casino and live & accurate, dividing everything into an easy-to-read and access format.

It’s the same sign of quality that the rest of Betway has provided, marking the end of a great platform. When it comes to sheer quality, Betway likely reaches the top of the list of UK betting sites, thanks to the brand names, deals, quality approach (rather than quantity), customized and coherent layout, and great selection of games.


Taking a surprise turn, we reach 10Bet. That’s our second-to-last of the sports betting sites in the UK, although this time, headquartered in Israel. Since its founding in 2003, 10bet has gathered over 1 million registered customers. It is licensed by many of the highest and most prestigious gambling/betting commissions.

That’s led 10bet to push its quite remarkable design with its five significant services (and VIP program, ooh). Sports, live bets, live casino, casino, virtuals, and the Ten Club mark 10bet’s homepage. Boasting an incredibly well-designed layout, 10bet is somehow nearly identical to its competitors we’ve already mentioned.

Nonetheless, it does stand out in a few key ways. Alongside the standard odds, scores, time, teams, and sports, 10bet offers the number of games today, live, and in the future. That’s for the near-30 sports provided, each containing a sleek design with the needed information. Frankly, there’s nothing unique about 10bet, although it stands out powerfully.

When you move into live bets, the second option, you’re greeted with a more compact layout. If you’re an arbitrage bettor, that’s your place. No longer are the sports visible on the side, but rather at the top. That’s leaving space for the spread, money line, and total points to spread horizontally across the screen. There’s also a detailed explanation of 10bet’s live betting at the bottom of the page.

10bet Casino

10bet’s live casino holds a mosaic pattern with individual games taking up varying-sized squares. Each one provides its name, a little photo, and the developer’s name. At the time of writing, there are 36 live games, divided into live blackjack, roulette, baccarat & sic bo, poker, and game shows.

The fourth service, the standard 10bet casino, has the same layout, although with holiday games, Drops & Wins, top games, slots, table games, and the live casino listed. I counted roughly 6 or 7 hundred games in addition to the live games, with most in the slots. There’s a vast selection to choose from, even with 10bet’s focus on quality over quantity.

Lastly, we’re greeted with virtuals, home to instants, 3D tables, and, well, virtuals. In all, there are six instants, three virtuals, and three 3D tables, although they’re all unique. While there’s not great size, there’s a good variety and outstanding quality in the few games that 10bet does have under virtuals.

And with that, 10bet is a great betting site for those looking to use a site that focuses primarily on quality over quality. There’s a definite attention to detail with 10bet, especially noticeable with virtuals, as the company only offers a minuscule 12 games to its customers.


As for our last of the top new UK sport betting sites, we’re back to another Kindred Group darling — 32Red. The site is founded in 2002 and headquartered in Gibraltar. Luckily for 32Red, it also shares the exact website design as Unibet. It’s holding the same advantages and disadvantages as that provider.

They’re owned and operated by Kindred Group, which can be quickly seen in the games provided, listed services, and more. While there is a bit of issue from using the same template and overall benefits, there’s also room for Unibet’s massive selection of games and variety of products to shine.

However, 32Red is much more focused on its casino, live casino, and slots, with the sportsbook being relegated to a single tab on the company’s rather extensive side menu. Once you get to that menu, though, you’re greeted with a decent listing.

In all, 32Red is home to nine sports. Although there’s a push to be one of the best football betting sites in the UK, with it right up front:

Football,Golf,Tennis,Horse Racing,Rugby Union,Rugby League,Cricket,Darts,And Snooker.

Unibet Clone

Although the company’s sportsbook is hidden behind a few clicks and a few minor side panels, it’s remarkably well-designed. Unlike Unibet, which shares the exact website layout, I prefer the 32Red design. According to BetBurger arbitrage software there are a lot of arbs at 32Red sports section.

The live games are stacked neatly by game type, with the same information stored as usual. However, there are tiles on the list instead, providing a much more tight and controlled experience, which, honestly, I enjoy more. However, the same thing applies to betting on future sports with a more separated design with tighter elements.

Moving into the casino, there are over 400 games to choose from. Virtually all the ones I had looked over had a “Demo Play” option when hovering around. It’s letting you try out the games without dedicating yourself to betting money or guaranteeing that you were going to play that game with commitment. The exact layout transfers over to the live casino and slots tied into the casino (additionally making up some of the 400 games available).

So, 32Red has an oddly small site for a company founded in 2002. There’s a good focus on spreading out the content. While there’s a bit of repetition in listing slots, casinos, and live casinos, there’s a tremendous, tiny sportsbook hidden behind those. It means that 32Red is an excellent option for those looking to use a well-designed sportsbook that’s not nearly as publicized as it likely should be.

What’s in a Good New UK Betting Site?

The top new UK betting sites deliver quality and quantity. Combining both parts gives you an area complete with a beautiful variety that contains many spam games. However, when dealing with a massive site like a betting one, it can be easy to succumb to the urge for quick fun, leaving out quality for quick splurges and poor design.

That’s why each site here has a quick overview of what we think to be its best qualities and worst. It’s combining popular opinions with things that are quick to be pushed into a “good” or “bad” listing. If we reviewed every factor of every one of the new UK bookmakers in a UK bookmakers list, it would take ages and wouldn’t be helpful at all.

So, while an excellent online betting site UK can only be decided by you, specifically, there are a few things you can look for. Low deposits, significant withdrawal and deposit methods/limits, a wide variety of services, a long-standing record with customers, great reviews, options you like, and a few other factors are just the surfaces of what to look for.

Of course, that also means that the top betting sites in the UK are ones that you enjoy. Although that’s a bit harder to quantify and call out, here are a few things that you can look for and try to find that might make the experience a little bit more reliable for you.

Which New UK Betting Sites Should I Choose?

As with all our lists, it depends. 

When looking for a betting site specifically for you, it’s essential to consider what you’re looking for. Of course, there’s the obvious benefit of finding a place with the sports you wish to bet on. But there are also hidden things to look for, like payment methods, registration, deposits, bonuses, and more.

We’ve covered many of these factors before, and is home to an extensive betting guide that has been carefully designed to help you make a design like this. However, whether you check that guide out or not, it’s important to remember that my favorite site on this list might not be your favorite or the other way around.

Each person’s experience on one of these sites is different, which is why it’s crucial to look at things from your point of view. After all, each person has unique tastes, best bets, and more. Plus, you might not even be in the United Kingdom, meaning that many of these recommendations are useless, anyway, as UK sports betting sites might be UK-exclusive.

Final Thoughts on New UK Bookmakers

Nonetheless, this isn’t a complete list of all UK betting sites but rather some of our favorites. If we listed every UK betting site, all the UK bookmakers, all new UK sports betting sites, or more, we’d have to manually update the listing every day with some terrible places and no descriptions. When it comes to reviews, it’s much better to go with quality articles than quantity, carrying more words with each site.

Anyway, this list is excellent for a general overview, although we recommend you click through these companies to check them out for yourself. For some on the list, we even have reviews written, meaning you can investigate an even more detailed description without having to leave the site.

Author: Bobby Miller